WhitePaper v1.0

Pre-ICO White Paper is available now

Please note: We plan to build largest bitcoin operation in the North America as Stage 1 of our project with its own power grid. Which will be used to power other aspects of our project. Stage 2 and Stage 3 won’t require any public funding through Initial Coin Offerings and will be build once Stage 1 of the project is built.

How to purchase CryptoTek Token?

You can purchase CryptoTek Token now on Waves Platform

Token ID:  H78UTCkDw2BRUBt7vxf8yFiEvUw6wCGcpdNmyaXs9yMo

Token Price: 0.001263 BTC per token

Minimum Purchase: 500 tokens (to qualify to buy back program)

Maximum purchase limit: 12,500,000 tokens per stage.

Total Token Supply: 125,000,000

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