Token testing: Bounty Program anouncement
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Token testing: Bounty Program anouncement

We pleased to announce that we finally have successfully created an ERC20 token for our project on Rinkeby Ethereum Test Network.
With this accomplished, the next chapter of the project begins.
We will use Test Network to proof use cases to the Alberta Securities Commission to prove that our token is indeed a utility asset.

We will hold a few test phases with the public.

20 most active and helpful participants will evenly split 1 million CryptoTek tokens as a result. Testers will receive as a bounty reward from our 10% reserve fund.

Here is proof of token existence on Rinkeby Test Network: Etherscan.

What we need from you:

  • Be able to code in solidity like  a pro
  • Being proactive and loyal
  • Know how Ethereum network works
  • Able to write clean and sophisticated code, so  that can be recognised and  first of all successful pass security adult in Canada and Internationally


What you will get from us if the project is a success:

  • 1 million tokens will be split between  20 most fortunate
  •  Receive   job offers  if you are from EU, Canada, United States, Israel and Eastern Europe (Belarus, Ukraine,Russia)
  • Your names will be permanently recorded on our blockchain or if you dedicate this work in a memory of someone we will be able to accommodate this
  • You will be able to reinvest your reward to make profits
  • Reasonable royalties in a due process will be honoured

It takes a village to do something amazing. Are you up for it?

Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter and direct message us to be considered.



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