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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


We make it easy to understand what Bitcoin really is and help people find their place in this segment in easy and less frustrated way. Because we were same sceptics and jump trough our own hurdles to understand what crypto really is

Mining and Hardware

We plan to open our own mining farm and also helping other miners to get the best equipment at the best price. We educate people on how much hardware is really worth and provide independent and honest advice on their investment


Provide explanation to people about the crypto market and how to use wisely their investment and not to become victims of crypto -fraud as we pretty experienced in crypto sphere. Also may give directions to legal help within Canadian Law system and regulations to make it easier for advanced user and newcomers alike

WE're pretty good at these things too:

Real time stats

We analize market 24/7/365

Global Exposure

Help people to understand scope of avaliable powerful tools within Blockchain. Help businesses connect directly with manufacturers and destrebutors of mining computer hardware distrebution network, to offset load on local and national retailers

Accessible and fair

Help people understand benefits of Bitcoin and Blockchain and provide one easy place to purchase mining equipment for all

Make easy to understand

We make it easy for end-users to understand technology behind Crypto currencies and Blockchain as a whole. We also doing all we can to teach them about security and wise managment of their investments based on our own experiances..

Help people to become part of Bitcoin Community

Connect people with proven experienced users who are well mannered

Point to right directions

Since some people are newcomers we help them to understand how tax laws and ICO regulations, before they unknowingly brake the laws in Canada at very least

We can help you to understand

Hardware 100%
We will review your return and independently provide you with honest data 100%
Make sure you have everything to be successful 85%
Secure storage options review based on your abilities 100%
We wilOther related services 86%

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