Our tokens just  got a bit more powerful prior its release

Our tokens just got a bit more powerful prior its release

Many companies want to be present on the blockchain for means to raise startup capital and that considered to be a securities sale of the company.

That’s  exactly where we differ from anybody else, as we decided to use blockchain and tokens to better manage:

  1. Time
  2. Resources
  3. Expertise
  4. Space


In a way, its tokenization of our skills, knowledge and services related to crypto and mining.


What token holders will be able to do with us when the token sale is over?

Well, many things:

  • Host your mining equipment in self-sustained data centre that build  from ground up to be sustainable and self-managed
  • Ask us questions in regards to mining, like any question-related stuff and will receive free help or honest opinion
  • We will donate 162 days worth of our time to attend any events abroad and all across Canada to meet with all kind of people to enlighten them what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are. Also will explain them dot by dot how their life is either already or will be affected soon. (please remember that we release 90% of all tokens meaning out of 125 million available 112.5 million tokens will be released which represents 162 days worth of volunteering. Each token represents a second of our time along with  added n value it has when combined with our  platform of services that relate to data mining centre and space ranting to host your own equipment that you will be able either to purchase with us or purchase on your own and use tokens to purchase space within one of our datacentres and much more.
  • Bitcoin museum – we will help to find or give our any obsolete  equipment to support Bitcoin Museum all around the world free of charge if we have one available  to support this worldwide initiative

Just like game developers and companies have the Ask Me  Anything sessions nowadays we decided to add this to give out back to the world in a nice and powerful way.





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